The Power of Capacity

Ask a few people what the word capacity means to them. Most likely you’ll get a few different answers.

A dictionary defines capacity as the maximum amount that something can contain. We usually hear the word associated with a company’s ability to produce a product. Such as, they are at or near capacity, they need to add a second shift or expand the plant.

Our blog today is using the word as it relates to our business. It’s important that our resources are used so that staffing levels can get the job done without impacting the level of service our customers require in a high touch agency. In other words, we should never have too much capacity or too little capacity.

It’s definitely a balancing act. However, as it relates to us, “The Chief Multiplier” of our Breakthrough Insurance Agency, we should never be at or near our personal capacity. It’s vitally important that we maintain a healthy level of this precious commodity. It’s not possible to effectively work on it when we are working in it, while maxing out our ability.

I’ve talked to agents that sounded so stressed and are so busy, that the thought of adding one more thing would cause them to pop. Imagine a great opportunity or idea that gets presented to someone at or near personal capacity. Are they going to be able to seize it or see it for what it is? Probably not.

Ideas, opportunities, flashes of inspiration, usually appear cloaked. It’s up to us to coax them, cajole them, and flush them out. Have you had the experience of having a flash of an idea appear to you while busy doing something? Then say to yourself I’ll come back to that when I’m done with whatever you were doing only to lose it? Usually, when really busy we don’t stop and capture it. When we are able to and do stop to capture and keep the flash of inspiration, are you ever surprised how good it is? Or wonder, where do these come from?

When we appreciate something, it tends to appreciate. Ideas are no different. The better we become at appreciating our ideas and inspirations the more we’ll receive. We also become better at recognizing what has potential versus random thoughts.

There’s a lot of new information about the additional brain we all possess in our gut. I just returned from a lecture where the Doctor stated that this gut-brain operates independently of our known brain. It even regulates body functions that only now are being realized. The expression of “gut reaction” or “gut feeling” is becoming more relevant and mainstream. Most likely before long, we’ll have a whole new science of how to utilize this additional resource that has laid dormant for so many.

Ideas, hunches, and inspiration (IHI) can possibly come from this side of us that is being unveiled. So what do we do about it? For now, just having awareness is a great beginning. The next step is to pay attention to the IHI’s and see if there is a commonality. As with anything new, it takes practice and patience. Personally, I believe the benefits can be tremendous. Something along the lines of doubling our thought process or at the very least having new abilities that improve over time.

Just having a new idea to solve this or grow that isn’t really going to do much. It’s the acting on the item that can benefit us the greatest. Getting back to capacity, it is why having room to spare is so vital. We can be given all the opportunities there are, but if an action doesn’t follow thought, it’s just a daydream.

On the other hand, give a great idea to someone that has the capacity to act on it, and the desire to see how it will allow the next breakthrough and watch out!

At our workshops, we talk about the concept of growing at 5% to 10% versus having a mindset of growing by 10 times. If you are reading this, you’re obviously in a growth mode mindset. We also discuss that in order to grow our incomes and agencies significantly that we need to work less, not more. The work less part has to do with keeping a healthy level of capacity.

Over time, your capacity will increase. Your ability to delegate will aid dramatically. The honing of your thought process to focus on what is important will be solved more and more by IHI’s. Sometimes the ideas are so good, we can question where they come from. After which we’ll just graduate to being thankful and appreciative.

I am thankful and appreciative of your time today in learning more about capacity and the part it plays in our “breakthrough agencies”.