Bart Baker, along with his wife Wendy, founded B.W. Baker Insurance Services of Malibu, California over 30 years ago.

7,000 policies in force and is bringing in north of $20,000,000 in premiums annually.

How Bart Baker’s
GEP Will Create
Revenue For You

Bart Baker’s Revenue Modules For Your Agency

With such a track record of success behind him through proven systems, Bart is now sharing two of his best revenue-generating procedures as turn-key modules to help other insurance brokerages and agents increase their gross premiums dramatically.

They are his Gap Elimination Process and his Natural Disaster Client/Agent Tool from RedZone.

These modules will help you cement your relationship with your existing customers, create referrals and of course, generate more income.

Get the Modules Now and start generating more income.

Disasters can happen in an instant; and now you can be prepared for your clients when they most need you.

Bart Baker depends on and endorses RedZone’s Agent Alert Dashboard. “This outstanding product allows you to provide the vital targeted customer service your clients most need when disasters strike,” Baker says. “Further, it differentiates your agency and strengthens the relationship between you and your client.”

With this product your agency will be one step ahead to deliver the valuable, actionable information and data to your clients as soon as possible for their needs.

You can be the first person your client hears from during a wildfire, hurricane or after an earthquake.

The information you are sending is relevant and specific.

See below for examples of the RedZone Dashboard and examples of e-mails that your client can receive from you.

RedZone Dashboard example 3
RedZone Dashboard example 2
RedZone Dashboard example 1

You can also see an example email here.

Bart Baker

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 “I can tell you insurance is the best business in the world as far as I’m concerned. What it’s done for my family is incredible. If I’ve been able to give back to you in any way to help you get through the next level to protect your family and your clients then I think I have done my job.” —Bart Baker

Bart is the author of The Breakthrough Insurance Agency: How to Multiply Your Income, Time and Fun.”

Bart is a highly sought-after speaker and trainer with more than 30 years in the business.

Bart defines in his book what a “breakthrough insurance agency” can achieve: “I’m not talking about making 10 or 20%  more than what you’re currently bringing in. I’m talking about doubling, tripling, or quadrupling your income—and beyond.”

Hear what agents are saying about Bart Baker’s system.

What a Breakthrough Agency
Is And How Yours
Can Become One


Bart is also the author of “If an Elephant Sits on You, Are you Covered? How to Talk with Your Insurance Agent to be Properly Insured.”

Bart wrote this book so consumers could gain the knowledge they needed to have a more informed conversation with their own insurance broker. The response from clients has been tremendous.

Learn about how BART BAKER’S Gap Elimination Process™ will help you.