Ever since Bart Baker wrote his 2015 book “The Breakthrough Insurance Agency: How to Multiply Your Income, Time and Fun,” he’s been inundated to conduct workshops featuring his proprietary Gap Elimination Process™ system.

The GEP allows you to cement your relationships with your clients through a turn-key annual review system that puts them in contact with you. It often results in providing them with additional policies they need and want. There is no selling, only service.

In these workshops Bart shares his systems that have resulted in him building an agency that has 7,000 policies in force and does north of $20 million a year in premiums.

In Bart’s workshops you’ll learn:

  • The Gap Elimination Process™
  • How To Fund Growth Without Going Into Debt.
  • The 3M Breakthrough System™—Maximizers, Multipliers, Measurement
  • The Three Personal Breakthrough Qualities™—that every insurance agent must have.
Bart Baker: Workshops
Bart Baker’s “Sales” Philosophy
What Bart has to say…
“We have a very robust agenda specifically designed to make a difference in today’s agency. The workshop is not a lecture, it will be participatory. Each agent will leave the class armed with game-changing information along with worksheets that can be implemented right away.
This workshop is for agents that want to grow and have what I call ‘batteries included’.
Sometimes we just need a little knowledge to be a plateau buster. The workshop is designed to do just that!”

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