Hi Bart,

I just signed up for your blog.

I am so glad that we spoke a couple of weeks ago right after I had implemented the FFR program using LOLA. Thank you for reminding me how important is to send a post review letter. Out of the 3 post review letters I have sent here is the outcome:

  • Going to write 3 life insurance policies this Friday, with 4 more life potentially for the married children of these clients
  • Added 1 CEA
  • Increased coverages on home policy
  • and possibly 1 LTC that I have to follow up on

Thank you again for reminding me the importance of post-review letter to memorialize the conversation. We are actually scanning and saving the post review letter in the image center for everyone who we complete and FFR so it will be there and protect us in case of an E&O claim, if that ever happens.


Anil Aggarwal

Bart, first, thanks for the book. Much appreciated. I read it and I must say great job. Especially for motivated insurance agents who want their own companies, what strikes me is that a great deal of the book material applies not only to the insurance industry but all industries and people desiring to have their own company—I am sure the book has motivated many in the insurance industry, and probably other industries to start their own company but just don’t know how to take that first gigantic step to make it happen. Congrats on a job well done. Is book 3 on the horizon?


Bart, what is impressive about you is that you are Bart Baker, not pretending to be anyone else. I sincerely appreciate your humility and approach to business. I have heard a lot of agent presentations over the past 18 years, but none was more effective on my mindset and outlook than yours. Simple, yet powerful. Thank you.

Scott Bagg, Farmers

Do you have workshops? I was listening to the DYL training and they mentioned you have workshops?

I also bought your book and am reading it. Thank you.

Shelly R.

Bart, I recently had the chance to hear an interview you gave to George Nordhaus regarding the Gap Elimination Process. I have since purchased your books on the Breakthrough Agency and If an Elephant Sits on You… I enjoyed both. You mentioned that you do trainings. I am most interested in changing the FFR process in my agency to something along the lines of the GEP. I found it very interesting. Is there more information I could obtain about specific materials. Do you have a program that is available for purchase?

David S.

“Great investment!!”

I am a licensed agent of 23 years. Our industry is constantly changing and you have to be a student of the business. I picked up several ideas from Bart’s book that I have implemented into my practice. I highly recommend purchasing The Breakthrough Insurance Agency for any agent looking to improve.


“Annual Review Success”

After attending Bart’s workshop, I changed a few things on how I was doing my FFRs, per his recommendation, and started implementing his suggested post review letter. I picked up from one FFR a referral that I already scheduled the meeting for next week, a $500K life policy, possibly another one also, once I review the husband’s current policy with the other carrier, a BOP, WC and Commercial Umbrella! Thank you for the class, it was very informative.

Adriane B.

Thank you Bart for taking your time to share all your wonderful ideas of building a successful agency. The key here is to follow through with your suggestions, as you mentioned one at a time. I have several of the important elements already in place and I’m looking forward to fine tune to achieve even a better experience for our clients as exceptional service is the most important to us as well.

Thank you Bart!
Jill M

Thank you Bart for sharing your simple, yet effective strategy for maximizing revenue growth! I have met countless agents in my line of work, and I have to say Bart is one of the most successful entrepreneurs I have ever met. Not only is his agency an inspiration, his desire to give back to his fellow agents is truly moving. There are no secrets to Bart’s success – he tells his readers exactly how to achieve maximum efficiency and revenue growth in this quick and easy to read book. I highly recommend!

Briana Bernhardt

Finally – a simple solution to a complicated problem

Love this book!! Baker takes the sting out of “not knowing” about how to adjust and make decisions on insurance issues. He has tons of experience and shares interesting personal stories to decipher the complex issues and language in dealing with a product we all have to buy. Thank you thank you thank you

Beth B

“Refreshing!! Simplistic!!”

Bart Baker’s book, “If An Elephant Sits On You, Are You Covered?”, simplifies and organizes the basics of insurance. Consumers will simply be more knowledgeable and feel better about their insurance after reading Bart’s Book. As a 25 year agent, revisiting Insurance Concepts, Products and Coverages was refreshing. What a great book to provide to our customers to strengthen what we as agents stress on a daily basis. I plan to share this book with every customer I have.

David R Sewell

“Must read!”

If you are a consumer and really want to understand insurance this is a must. If you are an insurance agent, you and each of your staff need to read this. What a simplistic explanation on how insurance works and what it means. Each of my staff now have this book. It’s wonderful to hear them recite terms and phrases from the book!

Ron Henderson

Loved this book!”

You never want to hear from the claims representative, “Sorry, but your claim is not covered” and be surprised. Bart has written an informative, easy to understand summary of insurance that is invaluable for the consumer and insurance advisor alike. By using his Gap Elimination Process explained in this book, you can be assured you are properly insured and will avoid any “unexpected elephants.”

Stacy A. Korsgaden

Hello Mr. Baker,

I just read your book and loved it…could not put it down. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I’ve been somewhat successful with the “mini me” model, but have hit a wall. As a matter of fact, I changed an employee position first thing this morning…I truly believe I’m on the right path.

I’ve struggled to get clients in for reviews and want to implement your GEP approach. Would you mind sharing the annual review letter you send out? And, if it’s not asking too much a sample of your (3rd option) coverage update recommendations letter? Lastly, do you send a postage paid return envelope with each letter?

Again, thank you so much for writing the book and I will recommend my fellow Farmers Agents to get a copy ASAP.

— Rick Case, Farmers Insurance

Good afternoon Bart,

I wanted to take a quick moment and pass on some praise. I just read your book and plan on implementing most of what was read. Being fairly new to the industry, it was an easy read and helped create a roadmap for my vision and Agency as a first-time business owner. I thank you for this.

— Rob Reisdorf, Agent Intern

Hello Bart,

It was nice chatting with you last weekend at the Murphy’s, and also meeting Wendy.
I started to read your book and very excited to finish it, and to bring my agency to the next level.

Already picked up on some good strategies.

— Greg Safady, Farmers Insurance


I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I began reading it while I was in Agoura Hills and then finished it up after returning home to Sparks, NV and I appreciate the book and your note to me! As a new Acquisition Agent, (2/1/17), we have been “drinking from a Fire Hydrant”, but we are enjoying the business and working hard to get to know our customers and deliver excellent service! As a Farmers Insurance Customer since 1978, Farmers is a Good Fit for me and I have my wife Peggy and a Licensed CSR, Eileen Maldonado working with me in the business!

Thanks again for speaking to our group at EAM at UF, for the gift of your book and for your inspirational note to me!

Have Good Days, Be Safe in Your Travels and God Bless and Keep You, Wendy and your family Always in His Care!

— Tom Cashell Agency