The Power of Ideas

When’s the last time you discussed your philosophy about any subject?
I find it’s not a typical conversation. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds events; small minds discuss people”.

We are probably all guilty about discussing people, events too. Today we are going to discuss ideas.

Everyone has a philosophy about those things that are important to them, many times without even realizing it. When it comes to our business, we most definitely have a way of doing things, along with our beliefs. It doesn’t take very long before you have your own standards and way in which you insure your clients.

Our education and knowledge of the business allow us to understand our products and policies. It’s our philosophy around insurance that draw our customers to us. Memorizing a policy and understanding every endorsement is important. However, our philosophy is a huge part as to why clients come and stay. Let me explain.

The stronger your knowledge, coupled with a strong philosophy, is what amplifies the personal quality trifecta. Likability, the ability to transfer confidence, as well as being trustworthy are the basic personal qualities we must possess to succeed.

It’s the addition of a strong philosophy about what we do which allows us to be unwavering in our suggestions. Everything else being equal, would you rather take advice from someone who is educated and really understands their products and are OK with having you buy whatever you want in order to make the sale? Or would you want the same academic understanding from your agent, plus knowing they have a specific way of doing business? They have a philosophy of how someone should be insured and why. Someone with a strong philosophy isn’t going to violate it to make a commission. This way of running an agency is so much simpler. We just present what is in the best interest of our client, always. We explain the reasons behind our suggestions and leave it at that. If they buy, great. If they don’t, that’s OK too.

What I’ve learned over 30 years of being in this business is that sometimes the sales I really want to make are not always made. The presentations that are made based on what the client should have, along with a mindset of “I don’t care if I make this sale or not,” usually wind up with a new client on the books.

I think it has something to do with no one likes to be sold, everyone likes to own. Provided it’s right for them.

A strong philosophy is built over time, usually by seeing when things go wrong. It’s when we evaluate the situation and see what we could have done to make it better that change begins. By taking the time to see where improvements can be made, and doing so day in and day out, will over time allow you to create a reflection of yourself and your beliefs that clients will want to stay and refer. It all starts with you.


-Bart Baker